The objective of the “COMmercialize startUP – ComUP” program is to commercialize the innovative services of Azerbaijani startups operating in various fields, to establish a working partnership between them and government agencies, transnational and international companies.

Within the framework of the program the Innovation Agency initially determines 10 startups to cooperate. The services of startups are offered to the state bodies and transnational companies in the form of a commercial offer.

The Innovation Agency provides support as an intermediary to startups in establishing cooperation and supporting commercial proposals. If the proposal results in a contract, a partnership is started on the basis of a contract between startups and agencies. As a result, the startup service is commercialized.

The state agency solves the pressing questions with innovative services. In case of cooperation with the transnational company, the company benefits from the efficient service offered by the startup, while the startup increases access to international markets, generates income and improves its services.

Objective of the program

  • To commercialize the services of startups operating in various fields and support the increase of financial revenues;
  • Increase startup’s access to the international market by expanding long-term business partnerships and relationships between startups and transnational companies;
  • To establish relations between startup and government agency to help government agencies with innovative solutions in solving pressing problems;
  • Before attracting foreign investments to startups, help to establish relations with leading government agencies, commercialize them on the territory of the country, conclude contracts and send projects to relevant organizations;
  • In the future, together with the transnational companies to attract to the cooperation in the development of areas of interest by increasing the services and skills of startups participating in the campaign.

Startup projects defined for commercialization at the initial stage:

– iQRex

– iTicket

– Idealizerr

– Healthy Living Support

– Smart drawer

– Green wall

– Blow

– Height

– Tap2Doc

– Onbranch

– Braille

– Tech 3D production

Views on envisaged preliminary commercial projects:

Intermediary commission of the Innovation Agency from the project: 3% -15% profit from each project within 1-5 years.

1. Monitoring of reserves by means of drones

Startup: İTicket və iQRex
Organization/potential client to cooperate with: Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan

2. Presentation of electronic excise project

Startup: iQRex
Organization/potential client to cooperate with: Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan

3. Socar – Application of Internet of things (IoT) on oil platforms

Organization/potential client to cooperate with: SOCAR

4. Azercell – Application of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Organization/potential client to cooperate with: Azercell

5. Ensuring transparency with the application of blockchain technology in the distribution of fertilizer subsidies

Organization/potential client to cooperate with: Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan

6. Smart boots

Startup: Smart drawer
Organization/potential client to cooperate with: Azerpost LLC

7. Cooperation between Lenovo and iQRex regarding services on the blockchain platform

Startup: iQrex
Organization/potential client to cooperate with: Lenovo

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