The Innovation Agency conducts trainings and interactive seminars in order to develop and popularize the data analytics and statistics fields in Azerbaijan.

Trainings and seminars cover “Data Science experience of local companies, “data” application areas, “Data Science” career in Azerbaijan, skills and knowledge required in this direction in local companies, “data” job opportunities at the initial stage of the career and other topics.

What is ”Data Science”?

“Data Science” is a very important field, which serves to collect data, obtain results by analyzing the data by means of various statistical and mathematical analysis programs, and make important decisions with these results. “Data Science” manifests itself everywhere where there is a collection of information, in short, astronomy, economics, government agencies, medicine, social media.

People working in this field are called “Data Scientists”. “Data Scientist” must have deep knowledge in statistics, analytics, mathematics, “machine learning”, ”spatial engineering”, business and IT fields.

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