The project, which gives 30 most skilful and talented young people a chance to work in leading companies of the country

Our goal

We must admit that the knowledge gained in the higher school lecture hall alone is not enough to become a qualified employee. The specialist must regularly increase and improve his/her specialty. He/She should strengthen his/her theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge.

The main goal of human resources specialists of large companies is to attract as many qualified and experienced personnel as possible to their companies. Sometimes they attract qualified and experienced personnel from their workplaces (head-hunt).

As a result, well-educated personnel with a wide scientific potential but little work experience do not get a chance to demonstrate their potential and remain unemployed.

Taking this into account, the Innovation Agency plans to implement the G-30 project together with the leading companies of Azerbaijan.

The objective of sponsor companies:

  • To develop human potential
  • To prepare highly qualified, professional specialists
  • To establish a closer relationship between teaching and work environment
  • Help to solve the employment problem of young people
  • To foster a true professional from young people with leadership potential and to support them so that they can express themselves in a short time.


The G-30 project goes through the following stages:

  • The most suitable candidates are selected together with sponsors;
  • High level courses in business management, marketing and other fields are organized for selected candidates allowing them to improve their knowledge and skills;
  • Conditions are established for young people to realize their knowledge, skills, experience and potential gained in the sphere of business management by attracting them to new and creative projects;
  • The most successful graduates of the program are given a chance to gain experience and work in sponsor companies after applying their theoretical knowledge in real work;

Stage I – Selection round

At this stage, 40 candidates are selected through the competition.

These are the criteria that are considered important for selection:

  • Master’s degree;
  • Strong analytical ability, ability to conduct logical research;
  • High level of written and oral communication and presentation skills;
  • Quick adaptation to innovations, focusing on quality;
  • Open to innovations and improvements;
  • Language skills (fluent in Azerbaijani, good knowledge of Russian and English);
  • Knowledge of Office programs;
  • Ability to make domestic and foreign trips;
  • Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan with higher education aged 23-28

Stage II

At this stage special, intensive trainings and courses which last 4-6 months are organized for the 40 most skilled and knowledgeable young people who are selected among the candidates. Trainings in the fields of Management, Marketing/PR, HR (Human Resources), Finance are conducted by well-known businessmen of Azerbaijan, representatives of international companies. By participating in these trainings they:

  • Gain perfect experience by working together with professional and experienced persons in the office, with the latest equipment and technologies;
  • Begin to form as professionals with special control, direction and “masterclass”es of trainers;
  • Successful candidates with high potential who succeed, stand out during the internship period gain the opportunity to proceed to the next stage.



Our participants get a lot of information about management techniques. At the same time, they gain experience in different companies by increasing their theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge. Experienced professionals in the field of proper management and development of projects are invited and they share their experience with the participants.

Acquired knowledge and skills:

  • Project management skills, concepts and techniques.
  • Describing the objective of the project effectively and in accordance with the requirements of the parties
  • Development of work distribution structures.
  • Selection of realistic, measurable goals and ensuring positive results.
  • Determination of costs incurred in project implementation.
  • Ensuring project sustainability, establishing process control and monitoring systems.



Extensive information on project control, evaluation, forecasting, budget, monitoring is provided. It teaches skills to analyze, report expenses and interpret obtained valuable data.

Acquired knowledge and skills:

  • Mastering the structure of work division for the development of network diagrams
  • Determination of resources
  • Cost estimate and effective planning of working time
  • Determination of the implementation of the project on the correct date
  • Control over the changes that occur and proper completion of the project work.



Marketing is of great importance to the development of a company and it directs it towards development. Our training in this area covers all areas of marketing. Students are given the right direction in the creation and development of projects, methods of contacting clients and other topics.

          Acquired knowledge and skills:

  • How is effective market research done?
  • How is SWOT analysis made for action and project?
  • How is target analysis done?
  • How is strategic analysis done?


The goal is to enable young people to largely apply this field in their future professions, to give them the basic knowledge required in this field by conducting trainings on public relations. During the project, the country’s leading, experienced PR and marketing specialists, as well as media representatives provide information about the subtleties and features of PR activities, to young people, conduct trainings on the topic.

Acquired knowledge and skills:

  • PR / Successful PR examples
  • PR directions
  • PR means and tools
  • PR, Virus PR, Teaser PR
  • PR in the crisis period
  • Field PR
  • Color PR
  • PR analysis
  • PR plan
  • Establishment of PR work of agencies from 0

HR- Human Resources

The main purpose of the training is to train specialists in Human Resources, adapt as a system the principles of successful management in the western and Eastern countries to Azerbaijan.

          Acquired knowledge and skills:

  • Activity evaluation
  • Professional communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Motivation
  • Problem solving skills

Stage III – Project Management

After the end of the trainings the participants are tested.

30 young businessmenare divided into several groupsconsisting of 5-6 people. The groups are instructed to develop a new business project and development plan for the 5 largest companies that sponsored the project. If the project is accepted by the management of the company,financial means are allocated. As a result, successful project authors are either provided with paid work by companies within the framework of the project, or get a chance to work independently by receiving dividends from the  project’s revenue.

Stage IV – the result of the success of G-30

The First Baku Conference of Young Businessmen will be held on the results of the project. Businessmen from various fields will participate in the conference and a presentation on the reports of the implemented projects will be held for the public .

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