Support startups, create opportunities for their development, acquire new markets and attract financial support to represent them in larger markets.
The Innovation Agency is able to create opportunity for and support the development of all innovative projects.

The Investment Promotion Project goes through the following stages.

  • Performs analysis and evaluation of submitted projects;
  • Ensures the organization and development of the residents’ activity;
  • Conducts evaluation of local and foreign startups and innovative projects in this field and provides assistance in the areas of need;
  • Attracts financial resources and investors;
  • Ensures the establishment of relations with local and international venture funds and financial institutions and acquaintance of these projects with them to develop resident projects and increase their market share;
  • Introduces startups in other countries within the framework of exchange programs and finds financial support for them;
  • Undertakes organization and management of innovative projects and entrepreneurial activity, technical, market research of projects for the purpose of development of projects presented in this field and presentation of the product to the intended customers;
  • Participates in the development of new proposals and their implementation and cooperation with relevant government agencies on the activity in the relevant field;
  • Assists in establishing cooperation with local and foreign enterprises, state, non-governmental organizations and private organizations for the development of innovative entrepreneurship and high technologies on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Works on attracting talented foreign innovators and owners of innovative ideas with high potential, innovative researchers to the country.
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