Robototechnics laboratory

Robototechnics is a laboratory where the software of autonomous systems, kinetics are improved and investigated.

Fab type laboratory

FabLab is a small workshop with the possibility of producing any product or parts. For this, FabLab users are provided with production and measurement tools, the latest digital control boards.

R&D laboratory

It is a laboratory where technical research and technical development studies are conducted in many spheres, the initial stage of projects is started and prototypes are developed.

Energy Laboratory

It is a laboratory where research in the field of energy and alternative energy is carried out, energy efficiency is analyzed.

MultiMedia Studio

Media Studio provides a special room and equipment for the preparation of video presentations of projects or informative demos of companies. This room is used for sound recording, photo and video shoots. In addition to the Innovation Agency, Media Studio can also provide paid services to other companies. Besides, conditions for the introduction of 3D video games, reverse projection and AR/VR/360 technologies have been created in the studio.


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